It can be less expensive than you think

Recording - Hourly Rate
Based on £25 per hour, inclusive of all facilities
Recording - Daily Rate
£140, inclusive of all facilities and often with lunch supplied (if Pam is around)
£50 per half day
Special Rates
Free session for original material (length at our discretion)
Student rates by negotiation
Discounts for multi-day bookings
Cost Guidelines - Recording and Mixing
Generally, 1 hour spent recording can easily require 2-3 hours to mix/prepare for a CD, etc
However, everything depends on what you want to do, so:
A single song demo with, say, a guitar backing and not much editing or mixing: 1 hour
Recording additional tracks (live or electronic): up to 1 hour extra per track
Mixing a multi-track session of a single song: add 1-3 hours to the above
For a 4-piece band a day may be required to record a song, followed by a day to mix
Costs can be kept down by good rehearsals beforehand. However, during the recording process, possible improvements' will show up and it's worth bearing this in mind. On costs, we will always be as flexible as possible, but ... it's expensive running a studio!
Cost Guidelines - Mastering for CD
(If you want files for electronic distribution, this generally won't concern you)
Mastering is the preparation of files for CD production. It can be a 'black art' involving many subjective decisions. What level of production you wish to achieve will determine how we handle things. Our software is capable of delivering results good enough for most general-purpose needs (e.g. a domestic CD to circulate among friends) during the processes described above - hence no additional costs. But, for top class results, we may recommend an outside supplier, in which case we'd need to work out a special price for you.
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