In early 2021, The Amateur Dramatic Society in North Tawton (known as ANTS) approached us to ask if we'd like to record some plays they were reading via Zoom. Having gained bundles of experience recording that way (see Bondliegh Barn Band in Video Gallery) we thought the idea sounded interesting.
Initially the group read some old BBC scripts (which can't be published obviously) and all participants enjoyed that experience.  We of course went to town with the SFX and the art of 'creating an illusion' in the mind of the listener took hold.
Then, John Palmer, one of the ANTS members, said: "Geoff. I'm going to advertise for original scripts from local writers; would you be interested in carrying on. Of course! That led to an SF-oriented play called "Playing the Game." and then to two others, one called "Home Front" and the other "Hidden Memory".   In each case the amount of work involved grew exponentially but the sense of achievement in the midst of Lock Down 3 was palpable for all parties involved.
As a therapy during tough times they worked well. As entertainment I hope they work even better.
See (hear) what you think:
by Daniel Stern 
by Adrian Tilley
by John Palmer
(featured on Radio Devon, Sept 23rd 2021)
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