We've now recorded more than 30 different bands and artists, touching on all genres including punk! We've focused on original material so lots of our stuff is pure demo and cannot be published. More than 80 'originals' have been recorded, 5 of which - we believe - are world class!
For confidentiality reasons we can't publicise much yet.  However, songs are emerging on CD so sample tracks are getting an airing as they appear! We've also started a 'production crusade' - picking the best and putting our own touch on them.  (If you are up for being a 'session musician' let us know via
Here are some samples of our work:
Bring Your Love Home by Rob Love and Christy Rice.
A local pair who've been writing together for some time. This was our first significant session, done with
Rob as producer and multi-instrumentalist. We supported with production ideas.
Somebody Said by Laurie Lodge
Laurie said he'd like to have some of his demos produced 'properly'. This is the first one; others are in the pipeline. Nigel Wayne plays Sax and Shaun Smith is on Guitar. The Pippettes (Pippa, TraCee and Tanya) sing BVs - you can see them as they recorded this song, on the JPS Facebook page.
Dead Man's Pool by Biddy Mallabone
Biddy is a guitarist/vocalist who's written songs based on her mother's poems from years back.  Her CD "A Whisper in the Rushes" was produced here. This song is one of the tracks. It features her vocals and guitar with some musical additions to build the sound and the drama a little.  The link points to a video, also produced by Johns Park Studio.
Suo-Gan by Beth Seymour
Beth, a player of all four sax types (though not at the same time), needed to record six arrangements for her University finals. She sent midi files in advance and came so well-rehearsed that we did the business in rapid time. This is a song of celtic origins, with Beth playing Alto, Soprano, Tenor and Baritone (at the same time!).

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