Over our first months of activity we've recorded more than 30 different bands and artists. We've always focussed on original material so some of our stuff is pure demo and cannot be broadcast.
More than 80 original songs have passed through this studio, about 5 of which - we believe - are world class! Due to confidentiality agreements we can't publicise any yet.
Some of the songs are about to emerge from their original artists! However, we've also started a 'production crusade' - by picking some of the best songs and putting our own touch on them.  We're about to start pushing these out, so look out for the Johns Park Studio brand on music from Devon!
If you are up for being a 'session musician' please let us know via studio@ggh.co.uk
To show generally what we've been up to here are some JPS recordings:
Bring Your Love Home by Rob Love and Christy Rice.
A local pair who've been writing together for some time. This was our first significant session, done with
Rob as producer and multi-instrumentalist. We supported with production ideas.

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