What DAW do we use? Mics? Software? Clever stuff?

2 x Presonus 8-channel interfaces, making a total 'single take' capability of 16 mic channels, with plenty of DI if required. We can 'track' record performances ranging from a single singer/player to a full band playing live. The number of tracks you can record is unlimited so there's no barrier to what you can do (except it becomes harder and harder to 'keep track' of what's happened ;-))
The setup provides 16 outputs too, so there's lots of choice for foldback, talkback, multiple speaker control, etc.
We have two headphone amps. In the control room is a 4-channel Behringer unit that feeds the rest of the studio. In the studio itself is an 8-channel Behringer unit feeding two separate signals to up to 8 headphones. As well as general purpose 'phones we have a high-isolation type for drummers!
Our DAW is the Presonus Studio One (currently at v 3.5) which runs on a i7 machine equipped with two SSDs, 32GB of RAM and three multiple TB hard drives. Studio One 'talks' directly to the two 8-channel interfaces which support Presonus' unique FAT-channel concept by which input processing (EQ, compression, etc) is handled in the interface hardware itself, giving genuinely zero latency signal paths (which means no delay in your headphones!)
Studio monitors are currently KRK Rokit 5Gs and Alesis 3s but these are soon to be added to.
Shure SM57s, SM58s
Beyer M201s
Rode NT2A, S1, M5s
AKG C451s, 214s
Sennheiser E604s, E609s

Just a few of our mics

Standard audio software effects include all the usual stuff like reverb, delays, overdrive etc. In addition we have a gorgeous reverb by MPX that can emulate practically every reverb technology ever invented.
MIDI Instrumentation includes Analog Lab 2 (below centre), which boasts over 6000 samples covering more or less every piano, organ and synth sound you can think of.
Most important of all we have Autotune, Revoice and Melodyne correction apps (see image, below right). Autotune is especially useful because it can be used in real time. If you overdrive it also delivers the (in)famous 'Cher/T-Pain' effect that, used sparingly, can add so much to a song.
We also have a great virtual drummer called EZDrummer (see floating window above left). This can do anything you want via MIDI so all the percussive sounds in the universe (from shakers and clapping to full drum kits) are to hand, either in sample format that can be dragged and dropped into a song, or manually controlled via a keyboard. It has a great set of pre-recorded drum sequences that can be brought together in blocks of 4 and 8 bars to build a real drum track in minutes. We have standard kits played in various musical styles but if there's a particular style or genre you need (metal, country, etc) let us know before you come in.
All the clever software in the world can't cover a bad performance so your talent and ideas are much more important than all the above. We also recognise that some genres (e.g. folk music, bluegrass and a capella) need no extra help and we're just as happy to park the apps and go for the pure sound of 'performance' in those situations.
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